The 28 Day Clean & Lean Couples Challenge is designed to share the motivation, inspiration and enjoyment we have gained from training together over the years. Fitness is becoming the top priority for more and more individuals these days, and combined with our ever-increasing work and life schedules, we feel that training together can be a win-win situation. Firstly, you are able to spend time together! With busy lifestyles, it’s not uncommon for couples to see less and less of each other during the week. Secondly, you are able to motivate each other, and your life partner should be more reliable than your current gym partner! 

It’s difficult even when living together, worse so if living apart, to balance time and still ensure you allocate enough quality time to a relationship. Training together, be it once a week or five times a week, is great opportunity to get that quality time in. The plan comprises one phase over 28 days. The workouts do not change over this short time-scale, and that’s intentional. Four weeks is the perfect timeline to measure progress whilst keeping exercises and workouts constant. We want you to clearly see improvements in certain, if not ALL exercises by the end of the four weeks. If we added different phases, and changed up the workouts each week, it may make it more interesting, but it will be hard to measure progress. And if there’s ONE thing which motivates more than anything else, it’s when you actually SEE it working! And we want you to see those changes in the hope that the motivation instilled will continue with you long after the program!


Just motivation and commitment! We have tried to make this plan as inclusive as possible by not over-complicating the lifts or equipment used. If any exercise is familiar then simply read the form guide, and make sure you start light. As a minimum you will need access to a gym with the following:

-Squat Rack

-Resistance Bands (Can be bought cheap online if not available)

-Free-Weights (Dumbbells/Barbells etc)

-Resistance Machines

The program is designed to be completed together, however the only requirement to be included in the challenge as a couple is that at least one of the workouts is performed together during the week. This will allow couples who do not yet live together to participate, too.


The meals themselves are as the name suggests – clean and lean! They do not contain sauces, added sugar or unnecessary additives, and are aimed at providing you with a balanced diet high in protein, high in complex (good) carbs and high in good (mono/polyunsaturated) fats. Sauces, especially those in bottles such as pasta sauces, sweet chilli, ketchup etc, should be avoided, and we instead advise seasoning food with spices/herbs etc. It's also advised that alcohol be kept to one drink per week, ideally with the cheat meal. All meal plans are fully customised to the specific macro targets for the individual, leaving you free from worrying about what you eat, and instead focus energy on the workouts! These meal-plans are not based on 'fad'/trending diets, but instead based largely on the food we eat throughout most of the year. The meals are designed to be practical, as well as nutritious, to ensure you have more free time back during the week. 


We are committed to make this program a success for you, and to provide whatever support and advice is necessary. There will be a Facebook group for daily photos/videos of training, food, selfies etc. but we will both be on hand 24/7 to answer questions directly via Whatsapp. In addition, we will be available to adjust nutrition plans, or advise where necessary on eating out and how to attempt to stay within the boundaries. We will also be available for an optional phone call once a week to discuss any issues, or just run through a general progress check. The workouts are fixed but should an exercise become problematic in any way, or an injury/pain arises we will of course be able to substitute for another. 


In order to be eligible for prizes, you must submit photos (full-length; front/side/back) on the day your challenge begins, as well as the day it ends. We state this, as it's of course completely fine to join the challenge, access the support etc, but not have to submit photos.

-Winning Prize: A night away in a hotel with dinner included! Due to the possibility of entries from multiple countries, this will be arranged with the winning couple at a suitable venue and suitable time.

-Runners-Up: Cash! Double your entry-fee back as cash, transferred by PayPal.

Important Dates

Entries are open now, and the challenge will officially start on 14 Feb 2019. Due to the manual customisation of meal-plans, a two-day lead time is required from payment to delivery of the program. Entries will be accepted up to and including 26 Feb, meaning the last couple will start on 28 Feb and finish on 28 Mar 2019. Results will be announced on 31 Mar 2019. Entries are limited at this stage due to the customisation involved, and due to the level of support we want to offer each and every individual!

Do not delay!