4 tips to breaking the boundaries


Outside the comfort zone, is where the magic happens! Sometimes however, it’s easier said than done. This applies to more than just your fitness goals, but for now, let’s talk health and fitness!


Here are 4 tips that may help you push past your boundaries and finally start to see some magic!


1) GIVE YOURSELF MORE CREDIT! It’s too easy to play it safe! People will generally underestimate their capabilities when they self-program because they lack confidence or self-motivation. Make a conscious effort to give yourself something more challenging than you normally would! Don’t let doubt stop you from giving things a go- if you don’t get it this time, try it again next time!

2) REALISE YOUR WEAKNESS! We all struggle in certain areas, whether it is self-motivation, knowledge, confidence or willpower. Identify what it is that stops you from breaking past your boundaries. Just by being aware of these weaknesses, you can work to improve on them.

3) VISUALISATION! Imagine what it would truly be like to reach your ultimate goals, imagine how you would feel, what would it take to get there?

4) GET HELP! A trainer will not only know how to push your limits safely but they will help to counteract any negative thoughts or self talk that most people come across when they seek to go beyond their comfort zone. 

If there is one thing that I have learnt through my experience so far, it’s that mindset and the ability to push yourself beyond your comfort zone is vital in order to evolve!


Alice Leemhuis