Alice is such an amazing and talented trainer who always pushes me to do my best even though I feel like giving up! 

Before training with Alice, I was a very anxious and shy person who lacked a lot of confidence, lived an unhealthy lifestyle, and was SUPER terrified of the gym. Now, I look forward to every session I have with her, and her programs has helped me get rid of my fear of the gym as well as improve my eating habits! I also do group sessions every Wednesdays and I absolutely love the vibe that the other girls and Alice bring!

Training with Alice not only helped me improve my overall strength and fitness, but also helped me feel super confident with my body and I am a lot happier mentally.  I am living a much better and healthier lifestyle and I couldn't have done any of this without Alice. She is very accommodating to my needs and also supports me outside of the gym not just as a trainer but as a friend. You go girl! 

Alice Leemhuis