I used to be a very active teenager. I danced 4 days a week, played hockey, was a state champion in little athletics & swimming. When I was 13 I injured my ankle which over the years incurred 10 operations. Over 7 years I put on 20kg purely due to the inactivity & lifestyle of a teenager (partying, drinking etc). 

I met my now husband in 2008. We got married in May 2015. In 2014, I weighed 86kg. I was unhappy, very self conscious & knew I needed to change the way I thought about food & exercise. I am a Paramedic so being healthy & leading a good example for the community is important to me. 

I started at Golds Gym Gunghalin in June 2014. I had no idea how to use 80% of the gear in the gym. I was going nearly everyday but had no drive once I got there. It was then in July, I met Alice & took the step in asking her for PT sessions.

She changed my life.

I had a goal to lose 15kg in 10 months before my wedding. Every girl wants to look amazing on their wedding day & so I was determined & rearing to go.

I hit my goal & even furthered it. 10 months later & 18kg down. I was STOKED to say the least. Through blood, sweat & tears I got there. My confidence grew & I felt amazing. 

I would not have achieved this goal without Alice. I am so grateful to have her in my life. She helped change it for the better. She is not only a PT but she is a lifelong friend. I am forever thankful for her because I know if i didn't have her, I would not be where I am today. 

Today, I am 68kg. I am happier, healthier & living a better lifestyle. Life is great. 

Thank you Alice. xo

Alice Leemhuis