For years I have been a serial yo yo dieter and exerciser, I’ve watched every you tube at home exercise plan and tried every ‘diet’ there is – the longest I lasted was 4 days….


As the weight piled on and my energy levels decreased at a rapid pace  I knew I needed to do something different and face a fear of mine which was to join a gym, get a trainer and open myself up to change. – it had been over 15 years since I had stepped foot in a gym and trained with anyone. My goal was to not only lose weight and cm’s off my body but to change my lifestyle, for good.  I wanted to be able to make healthier food choices, and make training part of my day, not just go for a run when I thought I had time.

I knew it would be overwhelming so I accepted the offer of a fitness assessment to get me started.  That’s where I met Alice!  From day one Alice was the ultimate professional, who listened to what my goals where and designed a training plan to help me reach them.  Alice would encourage and push me out of my comfort zone at every session which is exactly what I needed.  I found my PT session to be tough, fun and addictive so I would keep up my training in between my sessions with Alice because I knew she always had something bigger planned for me at every session.  I also gained a lot of respect for the effort Alice would put into my sessions, especially around teaching me the correct technique and posture, so I didn’t want to let her down. I work fulltime and have a young family but my PT session was always in the diary and I wouldn’t change it for anything, just like you wouldn’t change an important meeting at work.  Without a doubt my weekly session with Alice was crucial to me achieving my goal.  My PT experience has been life changing, I’ve never been fitter or felt so happy and it’s only been 14 weeks. The best part is I can’t wait to continue my fitness Journey with Alice and achieve my next goal of becoming stronger! Thank you Alice!


Kelly. J

Alice Leemhuis