In November 2014, I moved to Canberra and was looking for a new gym to train at. I had asked around about what gyms are great in Canberra and Gold's seemed to be the first choice. I was a little inexperienced with the range of equipment at Gold's and needed a little motivation to get back into a healthier lifestyle. It was Alice's qualifications that stood out among the different trainers and at our first session together she was well organised, very easy to talk to about my goals and what I want out of our sessions together. What stood out most about Alice was her dedication and passion for creating a healthier and fitter lifestyle for her clients.

I started training with Alice in January 2015 and we slowly worked through a range of exercises to get me started. At the beginning of July 2015, I started a 12 Week Challenge with Alice. The exercises and food plan that Alice set up for me, was easy to stick to whilst challenging my fitness for the better. Alice was always there to answer any questions I had about either the food or exercise plans. I am very pleased with the results I obtained and would like to continue with the exercise plans Alice provides in order to get not only fitter but stronger!

The personal training sessions I have with Alice are always tough and challenging, however Alice makes them fun as she encourages and coaches you through them. Training with Alice is great and I would recommend anyone looking to get into a healthier lifestyle or simply keeping on track with their goals to get in touch with her.


Alice Leemhuis