I joined golds gym gungahlin because I wanted a personal trainer and found out that's where Alice was working knew her from club pink and she is fantastic, I needed a personal trainer because I need pushing and needed guidance with weights and exercises because I have a brain injury and needed help. I also have discovered a problem with my hips which I never knew about until I started training with Alice. 

I really like Alice being my personal trainer she has pushed me even if I was ready to give up she wouldn't let me, I'm very grateful as my clothes are fitting so much better (clothes are baggy on me now ) I have more strength and I can see a big change in my so appearance  and fitness level Alice has never given up on me even if I frustrate her she has lots of patience for me I also have vertigo which makes it very hard for me but Alice never gives up on me I'm so happy now with my journey and it's all thanks to Alice. 

Thank you Alice you are the best personal trainer and by never giving up on me.

Alice Leemhuis